Renewable Energy Dialogue: Where Power Meets Commerce

Experts on renewable energy from CrossBoundary Energy and Starsight Energy as well as Nigeria Off-Grid solution specialists met on Wednesday, 4th August 2021 during a renewable energy dialogue session organized by the Nigerian Electricity Hub on the discussion “Where Power Meet Commerce”. The Renewable Energy Dialogue aims to accelerate affordable and accessible off-grid solutions for the commercial and industrial (C&I) segments with focus on The Niger Delta region.

Ms. Selbyen Gambo, Project Manager for the Market Scale-up Challenge Fund (MSCF), a Solar Home Systems’ sub-component of the Nigeria Electrification Project (NEP) under the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) moderated the session with seasoned renewable energy professionals; James Shoetan Head, Business Development, Cross Boundary Energy, Pamela Adegbite, Group Head, Sales for Commercial and Industry, Starsight Energy and M.K Balaji, Team Lead of Off-Grid under the Nigeria Power Sector Recovery Program as panelists in attendance.

The objectives of the dialogue was to highlight on;

  1. More awareness and opportunities available to influence the development of the emerging financed Energy as a Service (EaaS) solution for various commercial and industrial (C&I) segments.
  2. Establish the current market and appetite for C&I to use EaaS (Energy as a service) as a business model.
  3. Establish the reality of financing for C&I.
  4. Match the current environment for C&I energy use – for cooling, heating, and energy storage.
  5. Establish the challenges towards providing low-carbon service/business models

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