Community members are the most knowledgeable about their customs, beliefs, challenges and even solutions. Therefore, to provide access to electricity in rural communities across Nigeria, REA acknowledges the importance of consulting and sensitizing project beneficiaries through community engagement from project inception to completion.  This can make or jeopardize implementation of community projects.

REA’s community engagement exercises aim to introduce REA on grid and off grid electrification projects to the benefitting communities. 

The engagements provide awareness about the project benefits, ensure state and local government support and participation, facilitate community consultations and attain buy-in and collaboration of community members before project commencement. 

So far, REA has conducted two phases of community engagement exercises across several communities as part of the Nigeria Electrification Project(NEP). NEP is an innovative programme to catalyze off grid development in Nigeria, through the provision of grant funding, detailed market data and technical assistance. To support this, the Federal Government of Nigeria has secured funding from both the World Bank ($350m) and the African Development Bank (AfDB) ($200m).

This section captures images from community engagement activities across REA’s benefitting communities, in pursuance of its goal to electrify Nigeria, one community at a time.