Shenzhen Lemi Collaboration to Boost Renewable Energy

Shenzhen Lemi Technology Development Company Limited Explores Collaboration with Nigeria Electrification Project to Boost Renewable Energy Production and Job Opportunities

The Head of the Project Management Unit of The Nigeria Electrification Project (NEP), Abba Aliyu, welcomed a delegation from Shenzhen Lemi Technology Development Company Limited. The company is one of the qualified companies under the Output-Based Fund sub-component of the NEP. During their visit, the company sought technical advice and explored opportunities for further collaboration with REA-NEP.

The HPMU, Abba Aliyu expressed REA-NEP’s willingness to foster the development of mutually and beneficial partnerships. During the meeting, Mr. Feng Xie, the Chief Executive Officer of Shenzhen Lemi Technology Development Company, acknowledged the longstanding relationship between Nigeria and China. He highlighted Nigeria’s significance as a crucial investment destination. The CEO also commended REA’s expertise in implementing off-grid solutions and leading the energy drive in Africa.

Furthermore, he mentioned that Lemi Technology has been operating in Nigeria since 2018, providing job opportunities and renewable energy products to over 200,000 households. Mr. Feng expressed the company’s eagerness to collaborate with the Nigeria Electrification Project through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) focused on renewable energy. Their collaboration would emphasize technical expertise in the production of solar panels, inverters, and batteries. Shenzhen Lemi Technology Development is working with local forces to address electricity gaps by providing flexible solar solutions that prioritize sustainability and durability.

The delegation, led by the company’s Founder Joyce Chen, included Chief Investment Officer Rocky Hu, Chief Financial Officer Biju Yao, Overseas Business Director Monica Liang, and Engineer Lujua Peng. The meeting was an opportunity for LEMI Technology to demonstrate its commitment towards increasing access to electricity in Nigeria and explore ways to contribute to the widespread adoption of renewable energy across the nation.

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