The REA, with the support of the World Bank Loan Facility, has embarked on a comprehensive project aimed at accelerating electricity access in rural areas through Mini Grids, Stand-Alone Off-Grid Solutions, effective Covid-19 Health Response Initiative and improved electricity supply to Universities and associated Teaching Hospitals across Nigeria.

The Objectives

households to be electrified (of which 50,000 are headed by women)

micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to be provided with new or improved electricity service of which 7,000 are female-headed MSMEs

federal universities and 2 teaching hospitals to be provided with new or improved electricity services

people to be provided with new or improved electricity service

In June 2018, the World Bank approved a $350 million low-cost loan to the FGN, through the REA, to support these objectives and provide financing/technical assistance for independent solar solutions to rural areas that have little or no potential of receiving electricity from conventional power systems in a reliable, affordable and sustainable manner.

The project will also create an enabling environment for private sector involvement through technical assistance.  Women across all beneficiary groups will receive increased opportunities through a range of integrated activities including, the collection of gender‐disaggregated data, gender-targeted marketing, community outreach, and training programs that will be delivered at various levels to encourage and facilitate female participation.

The Components & Sub components