Visit by Hon. Commissioner of Transport & Energy, Borno State to NEP


Abuja – May 9th 2024

The Honorable commissioner of Transport and Energy, Borno State, Hon. Aliyu Buba, recently paid a courtesy visit to the Nigeria Electrification Project (NEP) – Project Management Unit (PMU). The meeting focused on maximizing the impact of the ongoing construction of a solar hybrid power plant at the University of Maiduguri and its Teaching Hospital.

This 12MW solar hybrid plant is part of the Energizing Education Programme Phase II, funded by the World Bank under the NEP. While the project aims to provide reliable electricity to educational institutions, Borno State envisions a broader impact.

The discussions were centered on the potential of utilizing excess power generated by the power plant to benefit neighboring communities and support the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EVs).

The Commissioner, highlighted the State’s commitment to clean transportation, with plans to introduce 500 electric tricycles. He proposed utilizing the university’s excess power to establish charging stations around the campus, reducing reliance on fuel-powered vehicles for transportation. He also mentioned the State’s existing fleet of 50 EVs are already currently operational in the capital.

Femi Akinyelure, Head of Project Management Unit (HPMU) for the NEP, emphasized the importance of collaboration with State governments. This aligns with the REA’s goals and the national Energy Transition Plan (ETP) to empower States in developing their own electricity policies. He clarified the power distribution plan, prioritizing academic areas before expanding to surrounding communities.

He stressed the need to harness natural resources, especially solar energy, to power local establishments. The HPMU also proposed a swift assessment to explore the feasibility of installing charging points around the university, aligning with the Commissioner’s and State’s requests.

This collaborative spirit between Borno State and REA- NEP paves the way for a future powered by clean energy. The project at the University of Maiduguri and Teaching Hospital holds the potential to not only enhance education but also empower surrounding communities and contribute to the State’s sustainable future.