The Application Procedure for each Sub-component 

Minimum Subsidy Tender (MST) – The MST Mini grid developers are expected to compete on the basis of quality (technical proposal) and price (minimum subsidy requirement) to build, own, and operate solar hybrid mini grids.

The MST tender is executed under the three main steps:

Invitation for Initial Selection – REA/NEP shares an Initial Selection Document (ISD) for the Minimum Subsidy Tender sub-component online, which outlines the programme in detail along with submission requirements for the first stage of prequalification.

Request for Proposals (RFP) – Following the completion of the Initial selection evaluation, an RFP is forwarded to the successful applicants to submit their Technical and Financial proposals.

Grant Agreement Signing – The final selected applicants sign a Grant agreement with the REA and implement the projects.

Performance Based Grant (PBG) – The application for the PBG component is implemented in three steps through the online Odyssey platform;

Qualification stage – The interested applicants register for the programme through the REA/NEP website (click to see registration form), to receive log in information for the Odyssey platform.

After log-in details are received, the applicant is to log onto the platform to access fully detailed information on the programme and application guidelines for all stages.

Templates are also provided for the pre-qualification stage.

The applicant is required to submit information company registration documents, a corporate business plan, Environmental and Social framework and audited financials.

 Site Specific Stage – After the applicant has passed all requirements from the pre-qualification stage, they are notified to progress to the site-specific stage with details on the site, generation and distribution designs, and targeted number of connections for each site they intend to electrify.

The guidelines for the application of this stage is also available on the Odyssey platform.

Grant Agreement Signing – the applicants sign a Grant agreement with the REA for each site approved under the Site-Specific stage to electrify.