EEP Phase III Kick-off Meeting with the PoE


On Thursday, 6th April 2023, the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) held a physical and virtual Pre-Bid conference for the Energizing Education Programme (EEP) Phase III component of the Nigeria Electrification Project (NEP) financed by the African Development Bank (AfDB) at the Abuja Continental Hotel.

The EEP is a key initiative of the REA that seeks to provide clean, reliable, safe and sustainable power to 37 Federal Universities and 7 Teaching Hospitals. Under the Nigeria Electrification Project, The EEP seeks for the development of solar hybrid power systems in 15 universities and 2 teaching hospitals across Nigeria. The programme is being implemented in phases with phases I & II underway. The EEP Phase III will utilize technologies based on solar (11 MW) technology and/or gas (8.5MW) power systems for 8 Federal Universities and 1 affiliated Teaching Hospital.

The conference provided opportunities for prospective bidders to have good understanding of the technical scope of the EEP Phase III programme and the procurement requirements. The event also gave potential bidders opportunity to ask questions as well as seek clarifications regarding the requirements needed as the EEP Phase III implementation is set to commence.

The EEP projects once completed will ensure a conducive learning environment within the universities. In addition, it will provide increased security within the campuses through the provision of streetlights as well as the training of staff and students within each beneficiary institution with the development of a world class renewable energy workshop and training center.

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