Powering Nigeria and catalyzing sustainable off grid development through mini grid, solar home systems, captive power plants & productive use appliances

About NEP

The Nigeria Electrification Project (NEP) is a Federal Government (FG) initiative that is private sector driven and seeks to bridge the energy access deficit by providing electricity to households, MSMEs, educational and healthcare facilities in unserved and underserved rural communities through the deployment of mini grid, Solar Home Systems (SHS), captive power plants and productive use appliances to ensure sustainability of these off-grid solutions.

The Nigeria Electrification Project is fully aligned with the Rural Electrification Strategy and Implementation Plan and also supports the Power Sector Recovery Plan (2017-2021) objectives to increase private investment into the energy sector, including implementation of rural energy access and off grid/mini grid energy services.

To support the implementation of the NEP, the Federal Government of Nigeria, through the REA, has successfully secured financing from both the World Bank ($350m) and the African Development Bank ($200m).


People to be connected

Households will have electricity

MSMEs will be energized

Teaching Hospitals will have uninterrupted power supply

Federal Universities will receive improved access to electricity services

Treatment/ isolation centers to have reliable power

Primary Health Centers to have reliable power


Currently electrified

Households connected

MSMEs connected

Teaching Hospitals undergoing procurement process

Federal Universities are undergoing procurement process

Treatment/ isolation centers completed

Primary Health Centers undergoing procurement