PMU Structure – Teams

Functional Units

Head, Project Management Unit

Solar Hybrid Mini Grids for Rural Economic Development

Standalone Solar Home Systems for Households & MSMEs

Energizing Education Programme

Responsible for coordinating the implementation of the Nigeria Electrification Programme
Responsible for the implementation of the Solar Hybrid Mini Grids component in NEP
Responsible for the implementation of NEP Component that seeks to provide millions of unserved and underserved Nigerian households and Micro Small Medium Enterprises with sustainable, efficient and affordable energy services using Standalone Solar Homes System technology through private sector companies
Responsible for the overall Engineering, Procurement and Construction of independent captive solar hybrid power plants, a world class renewable energy training facility, review and possible upgrade of existing equipment and Gender technical mainstreaming in the Federal Universities and Teaching Hospital

Productive Use Appliances & Equipment for Off-Grid Communities


Environmental & Social

Financial Management

Responsible for the implementation of the component to increase the productive use of energy in remote communities by increasing access to efficient, electric productive equipment
Responsible for the acquisition of Goods, Works, Non-consulting Services and Consulting Services for the Project in compliance with the guidelines of the World Bank & AfDB Procurement Regulations for Investment Project Financing (IPF) Borrowers
Ensures that the project complies with the Environmental and Social Safeguards requirements of the World Bank, the AfDB and the protocol of the Government of Nigeria
Ensures that relevant accounting books and records are maintained, proper administration/supervision of the Financial Management functions and compliance with the World Bank, AfDB and the Federal Government of Nigeria Financial Management requirements

Monitoring & Evaluation

Internal Audit

Inter Governmental Relations

Commercial & Contract

Responsible for data collection, collation, validation and reporting of results and Impact to PMU, REA and key stakeholders. M&E is also saddled with the responsibilities of measuring Programme targets, tracking data quality, Impact assessment and other evaluations
Adds value to the existing internal control functions, the section provide a risk assessment by identifying and mitigation the risk associated with the NEP activities to enable the project achieve its objective of providing Nigerians with solar hybrid electricity supply
Engaging with all stakeholders to ensure that the project implementation is aligned with the Government’s overall objectives on increasing access to electricity
Contract Management for mitigation of potential risks and quality assurance, Commercial/ financial evaluation of SHS applications from proponents and EEP bid applications from Engineering Procurement & Construction companies (EPC)

Engineering & Technical


Information Technology

Gender Inclusion

Responsible for system installation compliance with the approved standards and design specifications. Assist the Project Management Unit (PMU) in preparation of site review criteria and methodology, reviewing and revising, as appropriate, the draft technical specifications
Responsible for the promotion and dissemination of information to NEP stakeholders to ensure participation in all NEP programmes and activities
Responsible for internet network administration and infrastructure management, system maintenance, ICT application support and web services
Responsible for providing assistance to REA in advancing gender equality and female empowerment by ensuring full integration of gender issues in performance monitoring, evaluation, learning, and other activities supported by the contract

 NERC Fast Track

Project Support


Call Center

Responsible for ensuring mini grid applications to NERC submitted by developers admitted into the NEP meet all technical and regulatory requirements. The unit is also responsible for coordinating the review process to facilitate prompt approvals, interfacing with developers to ensure the correct interpretation of the NERC Mini Grid Regulations and providing responses to queries and requests for information   Responsible for providing administrative, technical assistance, and capacity building support to the PMU and key stakeholders for effective project management  
Receive, collate and channel the solving of grievances relating to the implementation of the NEP and provide project delivery support during audit verification of claims submitted by SHS and Mini grid companies